playing fieldToyota Stadium at Georgetown College was only the third stadium in the country to feature state-of-the-art SportGrass™ at the time of its installation. This remarkable surface is the latest breakthrough in turf technology.

SportGrass features three levels of materials. A natural sand base makes up the foundation, unlike the asphalt or concrete base found under artificial turf. A loosely woven artificial turf goes in the middle and is filled with more sand. Natural sod is then planted over the plastic grass, topping off the three-layer natural/synthetic mix.

The natural grass is able to take root and become embedded in the loosely woven artificial grass, making a softer and, theoretically safer, football field.

"Basically what you have is natural grass flowing through the synthetic base," said SportGrass president Ross C. Little. He got the idea for SportGrass from Jerry Bergevin, a Seattle sports field contractor who once noticed that grass seed accidentally spilled on artificial turf was able to take root and grow.

"The real advantage of SportGrass is that it will hold up better and provide a more stable, consistent surface," said Little.

This means Bengals players and Georgetown College athletes will get the best of both worlds. This innovative field will provide a more giving surface for players and offer low maintenance to the facilities management staff. In fact, divots, ruts and bare spots will be virtually eliminated.